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Everything has a rhythm: we can't live without

Music has a great influence on our daily lives. It can put us in a good mood, help us relax or give us energy to keep going. Music can even comfort us. But what makes music so powerful? The answer lies in rhythm. It is the repetition of patterns in time and sound that set our bodies in motion and make us feel emotions. Rhythm creates a sense of coherence and makes music predictable and easy to follow. This makes it possible for us to relax and sing, dance or even clap along.

But why is rhythm important to humanity? Rhythm is something we already naturally have in us. Even before we are born, we listen to the rhythm of our mother's heart. And once we are born, rhythm remains an important part of our lives. Just think about the way we talk, walk or breathe. All are rhythmic activities. Rhythm gives us predictability. To some, that may sound boring or even undesirable. But imagine if the world around us did not have a set rhythm for day and night, the 7 days of the week and our seasons. Then we would be very busy adjusting to the ever-changing situation. Rhythm is good, a fact, something that happens without us having to think about it or do anything for it (nice right?).

In short, rhythm is crucial to humanity. It provides a sense of order and regularity. It is deeply rooted in our natural behaviour and has a social and therapeutic function and a positive influence on our well-being.

Is rhythm also important for businesses? Yes it is. More soon.

Everything has a Rhythm / Frizzle Sizzle / 1986


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