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Slave to the Rhythm: a rhythm is made together

In our previous blog "Everything has a Rhythm", we explained that rhythm is inherently important for people. That it gives us overview and that it provides relaxation and self-confidence. So for people to perform well, it is important for organizations to think in rhythms and introduce predictability where possible. Without bureaucracy and micro-management because that is killing creativity and the business.

Consistent routines

This allows employees to plan and organise better, making them more efficient and reducing stress or even burnout. This includes assigning tasks and responsibilities.

Good communication

It is important that employees communicate well among themselves and are aware of each other's work. A fixed rhythm of regular meetings and a concrete goal-oriented meeting agenda are essential for this.

Continuous improvement

By regularly reflecting and giving feedback, a team can learn from mistakes and improve itself. This process of continuous improvement is an important aspect of agile working and can only be achieved if the team has a clear rhythm.

Clear goals and expectations

Clear goals and expectations boost employee motivation. There is a clear goal and deadline that makes employees more engaged in their work and experience a higher sense of accomplishment.

Serving company rhythm

Clear routines, good communication, continuous improvement, clear goals and expectations serve employee performance. They provide the business rhythm in which employees feel comfortable and therefore can perform better and in which business operations are secured.

No micromanagement

So a clear business rhythm is not a rigid work culture. We need to be able to deal with change and unforeseen circumstances, where employees can bring in their own skills, creativity and ideas (especially then). It's about finding the right balance between structure and flexibility.


In our percussion workshops, participants experience how important good cooperation is to achieve goals. Preparing and performing a piece of music together is continuous communication with each other, sticking to musical agreements made and clearly defining which piece of music should be played in which way. In the course of this, the performance will be as good as the weakest link so no one can escape cooperation. Everyone is ... Slave to the Rhythm



Slave to the Rhythm / Grace Jones / 1985


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