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Public percussion workshop May 21

We generally provide our workshops for companies and during trainings. So during closed events. But how do you let interested parties experience how our workshops run? It is precisely for this reason that we organized a public workshop in Utrecht on Sunday 21 May. This was a workshop like we always do, but in this case with a group of people who didn't already know each other through work or training. And even then music works wonders; without exception everyone participated enthusiastically and they sought each other out to make it a success.

In addition, the participants experienced how important rhythm, teamwork and communication are when you have to perform a percussion piece together. The parallel with practical situations during their work was soon made. So in addition to the fun element of our workshop, the participants also learn what is important for companies and teams that want to grow, change and improve.

Some reactions from the participants:

"The Business Beat team together gives an example of how collaboration can and should go. You are actually the mini example of a large organization."

"We certainly enjoyed attending the workshop. It gave us a lot of energy. Wonderful!"

"Your energy is top notch. You take the participants very well into what will happen and what they should do. This is doable for everyone, even if rhythm is not your best side."

"The interaction in and between the instrument groups certainly gives me a good idea of how dependent you are on cooperation! And how much further you can get!"

"What such a workshop does is bring colleagues of all levels together and take them out of their comfort zone. That is precisely the intention. The routine and the old thinking must be removed."


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